Identifier 120202
TitleMeditations on First Principles Underlying an Assumed Matter-Antimatter Gravitational Repulsion: a Dialectic Essay
Type of publicationpreprint
Author(s)M.J.T.F. Cabbolet
Keywordsgravitational repulsion; foundations of physics; antimatter; equivalence principle; TCP-invariance
Publication date2012-02-10
AbstractAlthough it is widely assumed that gravitation is attraction only, the existence of gravitational repulsion cannot be excluded. In a recent study, for the first time non-classical physical principles have been developed from the hypothesis that matter and antimatter repulse one another gravitationally. To explain why these principles - together called: the Elementary Process Theory (EPT) - are outside the framework of contemporary physical theories, this dialectic essay focusses on the all-determining first cycle of thesis, antithesis and synthesis of that study. A Cartesian analysis yields the unquestionable thesis that antimatter must have positive rest mass and negative gravitational mass, if the hypothesis is a fact of nature. The antithesis to this thesis is then that this combination of properties is impossible from the perspective of established theories. The synthesis is then that this combination of properties has to be underlied by a fundamentally new physical principle, which is that rest-mass-having particles alternate between a particlelike state and a wavelike state. The final section addresses the question of correctness and completeness of the EPT.
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