Identifier 151101
TitleOn principles of repulsive gravity: the Elementary Process Theory
Type of publicationpreprint
Author(s)M.J.T.F. Cabbolet
Keywordsfoundations of physics, repulsive gravity, weak equivalence principle, TCP symmetry
Publication date2015-11-19
AbstractAlthough a matter-antimatter repulsive gravity has never been observed, currently its existence cannot be excluded either. The purpose here is to review ideas on elementary physical principles by which matter and antimatter can repulse each other gravitationally: this is relevant since both General Relativity (GR) and the Standard Model (SM) are certain to be incorrect in case repulsive gravity indeed exists. Modifications of GR by Santilli and Villata predicting antimatter antigravity are empirically inadequate at subatomic level, and thus not fundamental. And Kowitt’s extended Dirac theory, also predicting antimatter antigravity, is inconsistent with results of Eotvos-like experiments. The recently developed Elementary Process Theory (EPT) is consistent with a matter-antimatter gravitational repulsion; however, although it's not inconsistent with experiment, it does entail a radical departure from modern physics: not only is it a set of new physical principles expressed in terms of new physical concepts, in addition it is incompatible with both GR and the SM. Correspondence to Special Relativity has recently been shown, but the main issue remains that there is insufficient proof that the EPT satisfies the correspondence principle. For that matter, future work has to be aimed at proving correspondence to Classical Mechanics, GR, and the SM.
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