Identifier 150501
TitleHow the Elementary Process Theory corresponds to Special Relativity: 'degrees of evolution' as a curled-up fifth dimension
Type of publicationpreprint
Author(s)M.J.T.F. Cabbolet
KeywordsElementary Process Theory, Special Relativity, correspondence principle, time dilation, fifth dimension,
Publication date2015-05-16
AbstractThis self-contained, non-technical paper shows that invariance of the squared interval, arguably the most important theorem of Special Relativity (SR), emerges from the Elementary Process Theory (EPT) if the degrees of evolution, a parameter in the EPT, form an additional spatial dimension that is curled up. The analytical-philosophical reasoning is an integral part of the proof that the EPT corresponds to SR, cf. 'Relativity of Spatiotemporal Charactistics of Inertial Motion in the Universe of the Elementary Process Theory' by M. Cabbolet.
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